Monday, June 12, 2006


So, finally, I've succumbed to my wish of having a personal blog. I mean to say, I'm part of a team blog too, but, like you know, there are some things which one can't go about writing on a blog like that. Well, for your information, this ain't my first personal blog either, but it is the one I intend to continue with (unlike the other ones I ditched :D ).
Normally, a person would put some stuff about himself in a first post, but I hate "About Me"s so I'm not gonna do it. I just can never think of something to say for a thing like that (see my profile to get what I mean :) ).

So keep checking for updates - Subscribe to my feed (the link is in the sidebar too)
The design of this blog I've made myself, but it isn't even near completion - I'm feeling a bit lazy as of now - I guess I'll complete it sometime soon. The shoutbox needs to be done, the item page stuff needs to be changed, etc, etc......



cool blog but what does atom 0.3 mean and what about suscribe to this blogs.............

difference between atom 0.3 and rss 2.0

(and i hate personal blogs!!!!!!!!)


yo nice blog! gr8! keep posting! and ill keep commenting! :D :D :D :D :D(damn dat has kinda becum my motto! :P:P)

» sahil

hi karky, arjun!!
glad you liked my blog :DD
0.3 (for atom) and 2.0 (rss) are just the latest version numbers - no need to worry about it......just click on the feed button to add the feed if ur using firefox (the links in the sidebar are for ppl who use other programs to read feeds, see?)
and, onece again, glad you liked my blog :D


yep its rely cool! but wats left! isnt it complete????? and ya i have added the feed thru the old method...

» sahil

you wait till you see what ive got up my sleeve, then you'll know how its not complete :D

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