Thursday, July 6, 2006

8-bit Games certainly are fun

Well, as Diggi says, 8-bit games are fun. I mean, all right, forget the graphics, but there really is something catchy about them. I'm really not going to start harping on about 8-bit games, whatever you need to know can be found out here.
What I did want to say is that some time ago, I found loads of these games on my computer. Their average size being no more than 250 KB (yes, kilobytes :D ), I've decided that if you want them, you've only got to ask. Here's a complete list of all the ones I have:

(N.B. 'Punch_0' is same as Mike Tyson, and 'ULTRBASE' is in Japanese)

Of course, being NES games, you'll need a NES emulator to play them. I suggest you head to Emulator Zone's NES Emulators page and grab one. I'm using FCE Ultra right now - it's pretty decent, but if you use it, you'll need to set the controls (the defaults don't work properly and the controls for the turbo buttons aren't set by default).

Anyway, we still have one exam left (sad, I know). Fortunately, its German, unfortunately, German's no longer the easiest subject that many people imagine it to be. I mean, all right, the level of learning German in our school is much lower than that of French, but as a language, it's a lot more complex. This, is mainly due to cases (nominative, accusative, dative, etc) or rather, the numerous ways a sentence has to be changed in order to make it agree with the case. The syllabus is also (very) misleading - it is, after all, three words. The unfortunate part starts when you realise that those three words are 'everything', 'is' and 'coming'.
Right now, I'm feeling jealous of the people for whom the exams have already ended (in other words, those who are exempted from the last exam due to the JSTS interview - the lucky pigs people).

So then,
-- Sahil.



hehe...telll me how did ya have all these games on ur comp??i kinda like alien 3....
and ya french ppl are having a tough time...and french is much more complex!!ahhhhh!! and ya the jsts chaps are lucky PEOPLE!!!i am jealous of them! BAH! HUMBUG! (i luv using that)
signing off(a disheartened francophonic guy)
ze homie

The Draconian Devil

I pity y'all....tch tch. I know, sadanother 100 marks to go. But don't worry every dog, I mean kid has his day :P.

and before you start whining about how unlucky you are, let me tell you, this exemption was given so that we could study. In shruti ma'am's words "Monday you don't have to attend school. Just come directly for the interview at 12:30. After studying a whole night you all must be tired. So don't come to school."

Unfortunately, that's exactly what I'm not doing. :D....aah too bad. And we might even have to give the french exam, if retests are being held. So suck on that...:P

What is the dative tense??????? "Can I buy you a drink?" "You look too hot in this outfit?" "Will you go out with me?" tense?? As in, the dating tense??!! German is way harder to read than French. The words are zillion-syllablic, and every syllable has to be pronounced, unlike french where you can eat a few of the letters up, and still sound francy...

I have Megaman on the computer too. It's kinda horrible, because, I'm so used to the Rockman z for glide, x for jum,p, c for shoot. In megaman it's z for shoot, x for glide, and c for jump. I end up screwing the mega man....:(


You know what? I seriously thought that someone took your URL seriously... your inactivity on your own blog was raising doubts about whether you were alive or not.....

And haan, I think this is your most...errmm.... HUMAN post I have come across so far.....:D....

Well, no comments on the gaming portion of your post.. since I know nada about all that jazz.....

Well, in French, although you can eat up some of it during pronounciation... in the theory, EVERYTHING comes, and more.................:(:(... but luckily......we have been exempted, although.....our time will also come, :(:(............... AAHH who the hell cares?? At least i got to wake up at 11 o'clock... thats good enough...
and well, if the rumors are true. the German comprehension passages are leaked out before the paper... MUHUHUHAHAHAHA!!!:D:D

» sahil

and well, if the rumors are true. the German comprehension passages are leaked out before the paper...

>> i've told you before - it happened only once, right before the exam...which really didn't help

I think this is your most...errmm.... HUMAN post
>> i think i know what you mean, but it really won't hurt if you clarify :P - but if what i know is what u meant, then what about the first post?
(ps i lurrve confusing people :D )

» sahil

erm...replace "but if what i know is..." with "but if what i think i know is..."

(see, that's what happens when you try to confuse people - you get confused yourself!)

» sahil

@karky: when you say you like alien 3, does it mean you want me to send it to you? btw, my computer chap put the games on my computer

» sahil

@shayeri: hahahaha........nope, dative has nothing to do with dating, though we have a chapter in our book called 'girlfriends' :)


OOOO...i wud love to read that chapter...hmm....i am gonna learn german in that case!! NOT!! i lurve french though its a pain-in-the-ass....
chee chee german logon ko gandi gandi cheeze batate hain!!haww ji ki pawwjii!!:P:P:P:P:P
PS:nah actually i don want the game...i had played it once on my frend's comp..ths it :D :D

The Draconian Devil

you might not have confused anwita, oreven yourself, but you sure did confuse me...

and "girlfriends" sounds interesting ;). care to elaborate? :D


hehe...he dint confuse me!..neways umm ya pls pls elaborate! interesting topic! oye that reminds me even we had a portion of text of french in class 9 on girlfriends...don u remember??
"ur gf smokes, parties, blah blah"
and then the guy said
"no my gal aint like that..shes a very nice person..takes care of me etc etc"
ok maybe these ppl dint say it that casually..but wat the heck??!!

The Draconian Devil

and yeah, when Dennis wanted to take his girlfriend out for a date at a rock conert, and he was running out of money, he went to his dad. His dad said "your mother and i used to go to the woods for picnics and on coming home we used to listen to good music on the radio together."

I bet he didn't want to tell Dennis what they did next ;)


yes! i was about to say that!neways this is goin way off the topic! the topic is 8 bit games...and we are goin in an in-depth romance analysis!!

» sahil

anyway, the german chapter wasn't anything much about the topic actually...


Hey i could do with super contra,SPY vs Spy(from mad i would really love to see what kinda game that is),excite bike(i love this game too),Top gun,and TMNT 2
lol how would u send them and do i have to get an emulator to run them or are they straight exe's?
hm. and add ultimate stuntman please

ps:i want all of what i said or else :P :D


ooooo i forgot super mario bro 3!
im really getting bored of the games i have !(not 8 -bit)

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