Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Never use Flash when you need to make a site in 1 hour

Things have really reached an all-time low. Apart from being busy, I'm also getting really bored now. Reduced to make you read such a boring post, without any proper title as this one. You know, when I started this blog, it was basically because I had so many nice ideas about what to post about. Of course, once I did make it, all the ideas simply went on a long holiday.

I don't seem to be getting much time to sit down and write posts either, when it comes to that. Basically, I'm doing this right now coz today was a holiday. My sister(s) came and tied rakhis following which they inisisted on ballooning my mouth with rasgullas .

I also (finally) installed .NET 2.0, due to which I was able to use TuneSleeve, which I must say, works really well, and is really useful.

The other day I went to Montfort for a competition. It was pretty normal (comapared to BVN at any rate). The gaming finals were quite enjoyable. They had this XBOX on which the 2 finalists had to play Pro Evolution Soccer, and man, what graphics! It was almost as good as watching real people play, albeit in real life, you'd never get AC Milan playing against Argentina. Meanwhile, (while we were watching that is) they gave us these manila folders, containing the participation certificates (though we didn't open the folders). After that we had the prize distribution. After we all got our prizes (our school came first overall by the way), we went back to our seats and opened the folders containing the participation certificates, only to find that the certificates for the individual prizes were also in there! I mean, we could have easily seen that we'd come first in web-d and quizzing if we'd just opened that .

Ah well.



hhee...congrats man! u came first! ya mouth was also filled with rasgullas...enuff to reach the status of my lunch!...hehe and check out tuneX though i dont think it works with btw i got 11 rakhis! yeppe! i luv rakhis :P:P...hee hee anyways oye dude..can i write an article(original offcourse) for the next ed. of under_score??
and i dont, for some reason, find leopard THAT mahaann...

» sahil

well, why ask me about the article? of course you can!!
ps what do you plan to write on?

» sahil

yeah, tuneX is for the mac....but anyway, it doesn't do the same thing as tunesleeve so whats the point?


congrats........ no dude i had a lonely kinda rakhi with no sis to tie a rakhi and all my cuzes out of the anyway is it a tradition to have ur mouth stuffed with rasgullas cause i detest concentration of 'gullas' !


well i am not sure..lets see what i will write it on..


I hate rasgullas.

And congratulations too:). Awesome..

And I downloaded both Tunesleeves and Net 2.0................BUT IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!!! Grrr....You better tell me what to do with the 22 MB of dead matter lying inert in my comp.....or ELSE!!! (And do not tell me to delete it)

And you think you are busy????:) I am soo busy... I don't even h ave th e time to write it here......grrrr......

» sahil

this is a very dumb question - you did install .net 2.0 right?
i loaded tunesleeve first, then it told me it reqd .net, so i dloaded that, then installed it in the windows drive, then opened tunesleeve n it wokred.....i have itunes 6.0.4


well NOW tunesleeve is working.........but it's just throwing a hissy fit and getting all moody.. but then when it comes to my computer, it is to be expected... so no probs :D :D

» sahil

well at least it works :)
though how'd you get it to work ?

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