Monday, October 30, 2006

Surprise Holiday

I really like surprise holidays. Simply because you get to know just a few hours before that "school's gonna be closed tomorrow". And especially in this case, the school actually sent us e-mails to inform us about the holiday. Sweet!
So, it's a holiday today basically because of some trader's bandh due to which there are going to be agitations/protests (in other words, the usual) and our school's worried that we might be caught in the fray. One of the few times the school's actually worried about our safety. The nice bit is that since it's a 72 hour thing, even tomorrow might just be a holiday. But I mustn't get my hopes up.

Blogger's really been acting up the past few days - I had quite a bit of trouble republishing my blog. Also the comment counters on most blogs weren't updating themselves...sigh. You can read about the publishing prob here.



Well Tuesday and Wednesday weren't holidays (to state the obvious)... but thankfully tomorrow is..... And yes, surprise holidays are definitely more fun.... like a surprise treat... and a very good reason for procrastinators to procrastinate a bit more...

» sahil

yeah, that is one thing i've realised - when school is going on, i tend to do more schoolwork than otherwise :)


I guess we spoke too soon.... Our mahaan school is planning to keep Saturdays working, "especially for the board students"....

The Draconian Devil

@anwita: shaddup!!!!!!!!!

@Sahil: Nazar mat lagao....:(

» sahil

hey, but tomorrow's a holiday!


Well not Saturdays, but the "holidays" (mind the quotes) are getting delayed... damn everyone!

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» sahil

double comment, wasn't it?



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