Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nitwit Blubber Oddment Tweak

Okay, so that was one huge hiatus.
So much has been happening, and I haven't written for so long, I feel rather bad about it.

We had EXUN 2006 and then DPSMUN (well, there was a difference of a whole month, but what can I say), both of which deserve their own posts, which I'll get around to doing sometime...

And then, when I got into this mood of writing on my blog, I fell sick, which is becoming quite a feature of December, and - consequentially - something I'm getting terrifically bugged about. I've just about recovered and I'm doubly put off about that.

Plus, our pre-boards are coming and I'm sunk worse than a hundred-tonne lead sphere tied to another hundred-tonne lead sphere tossed from somewhere high up into the Pacific. So you can count me as triply put-off.

By the way, I saw this message when I opened my Blogger Dashboard today, which means I'm allowed to switch to Blogger Beta (at last), and I'll be doing that soon, which also means this template will probably crash. You can expect it to have already happened, coz I'm gonna do it as soon as I press publish.

Oh and I found a nice tool that automatically updates your iTunes Library without needing to manually add songs to it. Happy Days!

The electricity's been going everyday for many everydays now. It's really very bugging, you know coz it always goes when I'm gonna do something important.

Oh, and I'm switching anon commenting off, because of some dumb comments that keep cropping up in my inbox. I might even turn word verification on if this keeps up...

Chalo then, I'm quitting now. By the way JKR's decided on the title of the 7th book, it's - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - sounds interesting, eh?



The title is NOT interesting. It totally leads u onm a roller coaster ride of imagination...hallows....can be..
(1) a pizzeria
(2) voldy's hometown
(3) harry's graveyard

so you see...

And yeah, nice to know you're well...though if I were you, I'd hope that my illness last till thge 15th of jan., for obvious reasons ;)

and yeah, don't switch to blogger beta too soon, it's gonna render your codes OBSOLETE. a pity if you have to rewrite the entire template.

be warned.

love, shayeri

PS: you also can't post comments on old blogger users with your3 new beta account


i posteds under " other" too..

by the way...why do i always write "Love, shayeri" as if i'm signing a mail??? utterly irrelevant..but grr...!!

» sahil

you can't comment on old blogger accounts with Beta? That is news. I knew that there was some sort of problem but i thought they had solved it by now......
anyway, as for the template codes going berserk, i am waiting for it :) coz i've got bored/tired/irritated by this template.....

ps. hallows can not be a pizzeria...and its not voldy's hometown either since we already know what that is

» sahil

pps by 'interesting' i meant enigmatic


actually, Hallow means "Saint"
and Deathly means "Resembling death"
it might be dumbledore, seeing that he is one of the most saintly people in the books, and he might have not actually died, but might have resembled death.
J K Rowling said that he was dead but i think she has something up her sleeve.


oh wait....we knew what a hallow is? not that is news!!!!


what is it?


oh wait...they fixed it!! we can comment!!! hurray!!

» sahil

what is what?
and no, i didn't know what a hallow was...
who posted that comment btw? (unless you really wanna remain anon, do tell me :) )


A Merry Christmas, a happy new year.. and a very very belated happy birthday (I remembered till the 28th, and forgot the next day.. typical)
Well now that that is out of the way.. Deathly Hallows is the most ridiculous and juvenile name around.. and I don't care if it has any hidden deep meanings.. it sounds plain stupid...
Oh and it's pretty much (almost) confirmed that the title of the last chapter of the seventh instalment will be 'The Boy Who Lived'.. same as the first chapter of the first instalment... A full circle, but is it even allowed?:)...
Aah well..

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