Wednesday, May 9, 2007


More about everything later.
Right now, I'm relocating my blog. You see, this address is very long, and difficult to remember. So the new address, from day after tomorrow is going to be:



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okey dokey


no! it's drab and boring. it's like

sahilb? how unimaginative *yawn*

i liked pointshootsahil.

*requiem for your dead link*.

and oye, when you change your link, you have to do the things one is supposed to do on a blog. P-O-S-T.

and here's an idea, when change the link, make another blog with the link pointshootsahil (trust me, you can do that when the link is no longer in use) and just direct them towards your new blog. then everyone will know where midget is =]


nice new url.

» sahil

it's not about being unimaginative - it's about the address being short and easy for people to remember and to know (possibly) who's blog it is before going there...

» sahil

yes i had already thought about the redirect thing - but thanks for pointing it out :D

anyway, this is my blog not YOURS, so who's Midget??



though i very comfortably fall into that category too.

» sahil

midget is too strong. for me, i mean. there are, of course, some people who neatly fall into that category


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