Monday, June 11, 2007

Nooo ... not AGAIN

It's just too bad. I was soo hoping Federer would win. If only he hadn't made a gargantuan amount of unforced errors...


wild iris

*sob* *sniff* *sigh*


YIPPEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WON,HE WON,HE WON !!!!!!! HATTRICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES,YES,YES,YES !!!!!!
And ya, fed wasnt giving his 100% to the match, but thats his fault!!!!

wild iris

sahaaaaaaaaana ur gettin on me nerves now.....


too bad! anyway ! thats one of my special talents, isnt it! getting that thouroughly annoyed look on ur face when u cross ur arms and glare at me and i ignore the broad hint in the look..... then u readjust ur arms, go "hrmmmmppphhh" and i Still dont take the hint,... and then.... well , ive never pushed u beyond that.... shall we try this time ???!!!!!! hehehhehe. YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Did u really think ill stiop being happy ???!!!! :D :P


im only kidding, krits..... but take in good spirit... i never DID forgive u 4 forging the term "capri cald idiot ",u know !!!!!!

Arjun Attam

"When Federer made infinite errors"


whoa sahana, you? :D


yes me, shayeri ! is that so suprising ?

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