Friday, July 6, 2007

Lifehacker: Shortcut Screencast Contest

I know, another rather long hiatus, partly due to my Mumbai trip, and partly for no reason at all ;) . Another post describing my (very) (un)memorable trip is due, but here's what just happened:

Most techies would have heard of the site Lifehacker. I began reading it some time back (it's quite useful; you don't really need to be a techy to read it - and it's also one of my favourite sites as of now). Anyway, so they recently announced this Shortcut screencast contest where you send a screencast of a quick way you know of doing something on your computer, and if they like it, you get a prize (they had ten prizes to give away).

So I sent my entry a few days back - I thought it was quite good, but I didn't have that much hope since it was my first ever screencast and it didn't come out too well. Plus, the same day as I submitted my entry, someone else won. But - you know where this is going - I WON!!

Here's the screencast I sent:

Or you can check out the Lifehacker page here.

Anyway, I was left a bit confused when they didn't ask me my address (how the hell would they send me the book?). So I wrote to them and got an answer in 20 minutes flat (talk about speed). I sent my address, and now I hope I get the book soon. Really soon.



Grats :) IT looked like fun
I remember reading that in digit but id pretty much forgotten it
why do you never call me up about stuff like this?
Anyway grats!

wild iris

hey congrats!! (of course, i've already done dat in person, bt oh wateva)....n where's ur blogroll, pray??


congrats...din see it tho...

» sahil

lol, thanks everyone

@arjun: well, firstly, it isn't such a big deal - perhaps if i DO get my prize, i might get happy....and anyway, my phone's dead, my net hardly works and i'm getting angry :@

Prabhas Bajaj
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Prabhas Bajaj
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» sahil

no - CamStudio

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