Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mars hugs Saturn

Me, I don't believe in astrology, no sir. Probably for the main reason that astrologers are hardly ever right, like in this example: An astrologer said that Brazil was going to win the World Cup, and, of course, when Brazil went for a six, he must've felt really stupid. So here's the pithy way in which he tries to defend himself, "Well, you know, my prediction that Brazil would win the Cup was made just for fun, it wasn't based on any theory as such." Really!
So, well, going by all this, you can't really blame me when - weeks ago - Mars came close to Saturn for the first time in ever so many years, and astrologers said that the World Cup would have an unlikely winner. Slowly, of course, this began to come true as Brazil lost. But, even then, I couldn't have imagined that Italy would take away the cup. Sad...even till the final, I was rooting for France.
Then of course, Zizou had to go and start headbutting people. I mean, he really shouldn't have lost control like that - if he'd been there, France might just have won the Cup (though there's no saying about that - Buffon's a good goal keeper). Still, Zidane did at least win the Golden Ball.

The Red Card

Still, on a lighter and much (much much) better note, Federer, the King of Tennis beat Clay court champion Nadal 6-0, 7-6 (7-5), 6-7 (2-7), 6-3. Whew! The 6-0 match was really...cool. Nadal was literally trembling like hell. But Federer did, eventually beat Nadal even though it was only the second time out of eight. But this Nadal, he's a big liar, don't you know? He said that there was no way he was going to do well in the Wimbledon, he just hoped to improve himself on grass - and there he went soaring on to the final and even managed to take a set off Federer! Don't get me wrong - Nadal is one of my favourites, but only when he isn't playing Federer.

Federer Kisses Trophy



hey! hehe man srsly i dont believe in astrology...why dont these ppl get a life??!! sabki katta ho gayi! and well i wasnt supporting either the teams..cause my favourite-brazil was out in the quarter-finals only :(...well somehow after the head-butt i kinda started supporting intaly cause of my undying respect of a person's dignity :P :P...though i gess the unexpected act from zizou was justified...cause materazzi had confessed that he did insult the golden-ball winner...
Buffon's a good goal keeper
wat do u mean to say dude?? man buffon is the highest paid goalkeeper and the best! plus, its not necessary that zidane's shot would have gone in the net..even professionals make mistake!
take the example of robert baggio...due to which brazil won...
in the '94 world cup..
and dude i wanted nadal to win :(:(...but federer is like too good on grass..he literally makes the matches boring cause of the universal fact that he will win, always
and ya nadal is a bloody liar! he said that he jus wanted to reach the second stage...and participated in wimbledon "just for practice"
ya nadal SUCK ON THAT!
signing off

» sahil

well, yes, when i said buffon's a good keeper, i meant that he was the best (just in passing though :) )...and yes, that's why i said france might have won, and then again, they might not have...
hmph...i toh wanted federrer only to win coz nadal's beaten him so many times already that i guessed it was time to even the score......


hain??nadal has only beaten him on clay...all other 3 tennis titles...federer has won..

» sahil

nadal's beaten federrer 6 times...twice in the french open, then in the rome masters and another one i can't remember (clay too), then twice (i think) in miami (hard)...

The Draconian Devil

hey u know, when the fifa world cup had just started I got this mail in gmail, giving various plausible reasons supporting italy's victory.

and haha! italy did win. call it astrology or call it skill or call it luck or call it will,

i call it Zidane the mad bull effect!!

I love him!! his headbutting came into good use. muhuhuhahah

don't have much to say about tennis. its not a very happening game. but i think I find roger cute. or was it nadal whom i thought to be good looking??

really these peopel naa....all look the same..!


oh man! shayeri...u only watch sports for the good-looking men, dontcha?

The Draconian Devil

aah shaddup karky!! :P :P

» sahil

well, seems to me karky's right :D

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