Saturday, August 12, 2006

Catching that elusive pirate

No, it's just too bad. You know, just a few days after I first saw Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, I got to know that a sequel was being made. And of course, I decided that time only that I must see it.

Then later I came to know that it was being released on July 5, except it came here only 2 weeks late . Well, anyway, ever since then I've been wanting to see it, and somehow or the other, I don't seem to get the chance. Either dad's to busy, or I have to go for a competition, or my sister's got some work, or there's no time...well, you get the gist.

Now, today I'm supposed to be going for it (in precisely half an hour), though with all the bad luck with me and this movie, I won't be surprised if I get blown up half-way through .

The first movie, by the way, was superb. Johnny Depp's acting, the wisecracks, the story and Johnny Depp's acting really made it fun. I liked the wisecracks especially, coz they kept me grinning most of the time.

[Will is caught and Jack soon follows suit]
Will: Jack! Where's Elizabeth?
Jack: Elizabeth's safe and sound, just as I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised; and you're going to have to die for her, just like you promised, so we're all men of our words really...except Elizabeth who is, in fact, a woman.

[Then, Jack and Barbossa are talking]
B: Jack, I never thought you had it in you to do this.
J: You know me, I'm completely dishonest. You can always trust the dishonest people to be dishonest - honestly - it's the honest ones you have to be careful of. You never know when they might do something incredibly stupid.
[Following, which, Jack and Will start fighting B ]

Oh well, I guess it doesnt even sound half as funny as it did then.

This, by the way, is just a temporary sort of desk, till I make a better one .



SOMEONE has started blogging rather!:D

well some of my friends are telling me that dead man's baksa is not as good as the first one.. and that it's storyline is pretty poor... but i don't know for myself... since ihave not watched, nor do i plan to in the near future:D...........

hehe yeh the dialogue b/w Jack and Barbossa was rather amusing... hated Barboassa's teeth though.....:D


oh and haan.......... nicccee desk


dude! even i want to see mara hua insan ka baksa!....grrrr!!!anyways ya man 1st one was like AWESOME!! hehehe...and wow! anwita has commented 1st! ha! my, my..must say..lot of improvement!:P:P..anyways honestly..i don like this desk that much...the wolverine one was much better..


dude...the desktop is ok but as karky said the wolverine one was much better...and poor you that u didnt get to see till now and poorer me that i dont think me goin to see it. and de movie as told to me by my bro b4 he went to singapore is dat it funny-full of wise cracks but at some places u cudnt get the english....he said that was the only drwback and he said that the monsters looked disguting which accrodin to me looked great(trailers).


and o yea forget to mention

written in a flurry of inspiration by the titan
imagination overdrive of the titan
the titan became mad at [time]

» sahil

anyway, you guys did read the part about it being a temporary desk, dincha?

anyway,...glad you told me it's not all that nice - can you tell me what exactly it is that you dont' like?


its not appealing too much and the icons and stuff didnt go wid de wall paper

» sahil

yeah, i was thinking that too ...... though on the whole i think the icons are very nice :)


really? the icons are a bit wierd.... i mean they dont match with the back.
and the icons really arent that appealing
hm.... i like the i-candy by style xp for the icons

» sahil

wake up!
i know the icons dont mathc
i was talking about the icons in general! not their matching w/ the bg!

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