Thursday, February 8, 2007


Wow, that was one helluva long time. And I was getting soo irritated by the 'Merry Christmas' smiling at me every time I arrived here. Well, then ... it having been so long and all, I decided to write a post about most of what's been happening (which isn't much, by the way).

2007 - the new year and everything - was kicked off in one of the most enchanting ways possible by [ahem] the pre-board exams†. Legend has it that these are actually tougher than the [shudder] boards, and I don't think we'll be disappointed, although some people still managed to do [really] well. To top it all off, I also missed two of my exams (English and Science), which was one of the prominent reasons that lead to the increased wastefulness of January. Even when the pre-boards finished, there wasn't that much end-of-the-exams-let's-party joy because the day after the following day, we had our Maths [shudder] Board Exam Practical. And the SSt Project Viva. And the Computer Board Exam Practical. And the Science one, too. (Obviously not all on the same day).

But even then all this might have finished by the 24th. Except that on the 27th, we had this Aptitude Test in our school for selecting people for IIT (and Medical) coaching classes. And that wasn't the end of it either. After that, I still had to give the pre-board papers I missed (both of them). And so it went on till 2nd February, leaving exactly one month (or, as I like to think of it, 28 days) for the Boards.

* Sigh *

. .. .

† Technically, the New Year was kicked off by CAS being implemented in South Delhi. And - will you believe it - since then I've had only Free To Air channels coming on our TV, because the Cable Operator has run out of Set-Top-Boxes...
Maybe Tata Sky then...



Haha. Poor guy. Oh common, just think that 60 lakh people are suffering through the same. Then you will see your anger going away...:P
Tata Sky is the best. Go for it.

» sahil

no, i doubt my anger would have gone away that way - how do i care if anyone else is suffering or not? [of course, that's case specific :)]

yes, btw, i've got Tata Sky now and it totally rocks!! well, so far it has been :D


Woah.. Am I late or am I late?
Well.. TataSky is pretty good.. except when it shows the wrong schedules....I got it within a week of CAS being implemented, so you can imagine how productive my days have been..
How'd you re-tests go btw?

» sahil

ohhhhhw yeah, you're late, you're late, and (yes) you're late! :)
yes, i know, i get pretty bugged when it TSky says something and shows something else, but on the whole, the schedule is pretty useful...
n.b. : we won't talk about re-tests here, since they don't matter any more :) :D

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