Friday, February 9, 2007

Sauce is heavier than mustard*

So, we (finally) had our Exun Farewell today in Nirulas (Chanakya). It was rather good - there were more people than last year (although that's probably because we have more members now). Here's a (random) list of much of what happened:

1) Kartikeya and I were the only two (of around ten, officially) tenthies present
2) When we arrived (Karky and I) we found loads of people standing outside under the (wrong) impression that sir hadn't arrived
3) Aditya Jain's driver had him and many of the juniors gallavanting to god-knows-where till they finally succeeded in reaching [the correct branch of] Nirulas
4) Mohit sported a really cool haircut
5) Sid (one of the twelfthies, ie, one of the people for whom the farewell was being held) completely forgot about the farewell
6) We had pizza. Lots of it. Around 20 I think.
7) Karky got terrrorized by Gudi and Mohit
8) Sauce, mustard and chilli flakes got put into a total of three coke glasses (as opposed to one, last year)
9) The juniors actually said that it tasted nice
10) We took photos (obviously!)


* Well, it might just be that sauce is miscible in Coke, whereas mustard isn't, but who cares?



One wudda thunk you're dead, and fossilized under a pile of *clears throat discreetly* books.

You aren't, are you?

PS: why do you have the damned Visual Verification thing on? it's troublesome.

» sahil

no i'm not!
[well, at least i wasn't when i wrote this :D]

sorry about the word verif. - even i hate it, but then i hate the spam comments more......

The BloodReaper

Its a sin to call that Sauce, mustard and chilli flakes mixture a Sauce, mustard and chilli flakes mixture
Its the Exun Shot!(lame i know)

Yeah the driver went totally berserk as if he was Michael Schumacher driving a hummer.Unfortunately his directions were like the Infinite improbability drive.

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