Friday, March 16, 2007

Caught in the Middle


It's already the middle of March and the boards are (finally) more than half-finished ... only three more exams left (yay!)

They've been okay so far ... but mostly not quite as good as I'd have wanted them to be ... anyway ... whatever ...

Signing off,



All I can say is, the pre-boards were easier... The boards should be like ripping off of bandages- painful, but fast. It suits me that way.
And yes, five days for English compel you to come up with idiotic analogies.

PS- Please remove word-verification!


preboards were easier?
are u like nuts?
preboards are meant to be harder than boards
and they always are
boards, however, are a different story
if uve done the ncert.. nothing can stop you

» sahil

psst....i did the ncert........loads of things still stopped me :P

and yeah, pre-boards were easier?? you're, like, kidding, right?

ps. i'd love to remove word-verif (coz i hate it), but i won't (coz the spammers will spam again....and i get pretty irritated with that)


Well as far as S.St and math are concerned.. preboards were like a piece of cake.. the boards were way too vague for my liking...there can be too many discrepancies in marking.. but yeah.. now that i've seen the english and french papers.. boards seem sunnier...

» sahil

well, as an afterthought, i'd like to say that the boards weren't really easier or tougher than the PBs. on the whole, sorta similar.

ps. by 'tougher' you were referring to 'discrepancies in marking'????


Tougher to score.. But yeah.. not tougher in terms of the questions:D:D:P:P

Wow, this has become a long winded and pointless discussion


shayeri butts into the2 repartee...

preboards were easier. rather substandard. for anyone who had done the sample papers (read me) for science, it was cakewalk. now boards were a bit above the preboards level.

anyway, it's no longer "caught in the middle" it's "hung at the end".

less than 16 hours to go....woot!

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