Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cold. Cloudy. Rainy. Gloomy. Lovely.


The whole of yesterday it was raining and raining - nonstop. Well, almost.


By the way, some time back, I came across this blog - The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. It (obviously) isn't really the secret diary of Steve Jobs, but most of the posts are real laughs.



Yeah! It rained! Wooohooo!!! Hurrah!!! Rain dance!!

(what else do you expect me to say? Only that: as if we didn't notice rain water sloshing down our windows and pattering on the streets :D)

» sahil

yes i know you noticed :P
but everyone doesn't live in delhi, did you know that??
[plus i got to showoff my weather widget :) ]


[plus i got to showoff my weather widget :) ] <==== LOL.....dude the steve ballmer apperas to be funny one post but donbt feel like readin everythin.....

» sahil

steve ballmer??
it's fake steve jobs!

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