Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday the 14th

I was going to title this post something entirely different, but then, after Friday actually came in all its uneventfulness, I decided not to. It was, I can definitely say, one of the lousiest days of school ever. By lousy, I guess I just mean boring. Nothing happened. At all. We had only one teaching period, and while that is normally a good thing, since I didn't end up doing anything fun anyway, it wasn't really.

Then I was called for this Japanese trip thing, but I can't go because my passport's expired and I suppose it won't be ready in time (the teacher wasn't even prepared to accept anyone without a valid passport). I got pretty bugged because of this because I've really wanted to go to Japan for a long time.

I also started reading iWoz. Somehow, all the non-fiction books I read (and I really don't read much non-fiction) always end up being tech-related ... well, almost always. But this one is quite interesting and it's definitely a welcome break from the Wheel of Time series. Not that I don't like WoT, but after 10 books and somewhere around 7,000 pages, there comes a point where you start looking for a change. For most people, the point comes a lot sooner though. Actually, most people get scared when they see the number of books in the series and the size of each. I mean, what I've read so far (and I haven't finished the series, by the way) is 7 times The Lord of the Rings! And people say that book is fat!




poor u! its a shame... it would have been a really gud trip...cing as i went myself ! but still, chin up ! 11ths like that...very boring... 12th is all fun ! so wait it put....


oh i havent read lotr, nor wot, the latter all because of you.
(hint hint)

@sahana-- et tu, hb?
just coz i write a few things abt nadal doesnt mean u turn traitor.

wild iris

@nids: lol
lol lol
=D =D =D
@sahil: i notice u've copied my title. :P
friday ws damn lousy fer me too..atleast u had one class, i din hv a single lec (outta five)..still, there are compensations :)
"I've really wanted to go to Japan for a long time"..really? Havent u wanted to go to any country?
Iv'e only read 3 WoTs (hint hint) =D

» sahil

@sahana....sister dear told me eleventh was can 12th be fun anyway - it's a board year, remember?

@nidhi: :O because of me?!? How!?

» sahil

@kriti: no i haven't! well, that is to say, not intentionally anyway
well yes, but japan is one of the places i've wanted to go to more than others, you know? and no, not just any country :P

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