Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quicker than a Ray of Light

I finally got my new computer! The second significant one after seven years.


Aditya Jain

no vista!

» sahil

who wants vista anyway?

Aditya Jain


I have *ahem* genuine vista ultimate
<'Insert Evil laugh here>

» sahil

*raised eyebrow*
like i SAID, i don't see anything drastically great that'll make me go and get vista right now :P

Sneezy Melon

agreed, at least for next 6-7 months, XP's perfectly fine for "windowing" purposes.

Dammit. Even I was plannin to have my new "ultimate-config" pc but dad refused until after my entrance exams :(

Aditya Jain

well....there is that orby glossy start button :D




i like vista

and how's ur new cybershot........???? did ya get the shake free one???

» sahil

what i mean is, its not that great.....

it's quite no shake free ...... i figured it wasnt worth the extra 5k :)


Write about the config of ur PC... can it run HL2 now..?? So can you be part of our LAN party after Dynamix... speaking of DX... you coming there..??
Anyway, linkback to my blog...

» sahil

i guesso.......what are the minimum requirements for HL2?
anyway, no, i wont be able to come because of MUN.......


5k? whew!!

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